Tickets & Registration

Q: What types of tickets are available?

A: The ticket types are Conference Only, Conference and Party, Conference and Banquet and Party, and Party Only. Early bird tickets sales start on November 25th, 2016 and are discounted for all ticket types.

Q: Are there student tickets?

A: Yes, for students who can prove their eligibility (usually with student ID and .edu e-mail address).  To purchase a student ticket, you must use your .edu e-mail address.  Upon arrival at the conference, please present your student ID.

Q: I am confused by the pricing.  How are prices determined?

A: To encourage early registration (which helps us better plan the conference), we are providing multiple batches of early bird tickets.  The first batch of early bird tickets is discounted by up to ~25% off the full price.  The second batch of early bird tickets will be discounted by up to ~15% off the full price.  Each batch of tickets will be valid for about a month. There are a limited number of tickets available in each batch which might run out before the end of the batch sale period, so buy earlier than later.

Q: I see multiple tickets.  Which ones should I buy?

A: The conference is composed of three events, each of which requires a ticket: conference, banquet, and party. Buy tickets for the events which are of interest to you. 

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds.  Ticket transfers are accepted until 2/07/2017.


Q: I am interested in becoming a sponsor of the conference.  What are my options?

A: ABC 2016 has two types of sponsorship: direct and media.

  • Direct sponsors contribute funds that will be used towards the operations of the conference.  According to the tier of sponsorship, direct sponsors receive recognition, tickets, VIP access, priority in recruiting attendees, and other benefits.
  • Media sponsors generally contribute ad dollars used in promoting the conference’s mission and theme.  Media sponsors receive recognition as well as other benefits.

Q: To whom do I write if I am interested in learning more about sponsoring the conference?

A: For direct sponsorship, please fill out the sponsorship form.

Conference Content

Q: Who are the keynotes for ABC 2017?

A: We will keep the site updated as keynote speakers are confirmed. 

Q: To whom do I write if I would like to suggest a keynote speaker or a panelist?

A: Please submit your suggestion on our Contact Us page. Thank you!

Q: What panels will be available at ABC 2017?

A: We will keep the site updated as panels and panelists are confirmed.


Q: When should I plan to arrive in Boston?

A: We suggest arriving in the morning/early afternoon of Friday, February 17, 2017.

Q: When should I plan to depart from Boston?

A: We suggest staying in Boston until at least the morning of Sunday, February 19, 2017.

Q: How can I find other attendees to share a hotel room, cab, etc?

A: Reach out to others on the Facebook group to help you network prior to the conference.

Q: What do I do if I need a visa to attend?

A: We can offer a letter to support your visa application once you register and pay. Reach out via the Contact Us page.

Q: Do you have hotel recommendations and/or discounts?

A: We have posted hotel recommendations and discounts to the Logistics page.

Q: How do you recommend I get around Boston?

A: We suggest using official taxis, Uber, Lyft, and public transportation (MBTA).

Q: What is the schedule for the conference?

A: Please check back later for the schedule for the conference

Q: What is the dress code for the conference?

A: Dress code is business casual.  Evening wear or business casual is appropriate for the banquet and party.


Q: Will streaming be available?

A: Yes, we expect to offer live feeds of the keynotes, NVC, and potentially of select panels.  Please check the site on the day of the conference for more information.

Q: I work for a media organization and am interested in covering the conference.  Whom should I contact?

A: For media inquiries, please write to Yi at

Other Questions

Q: To whom do I write if I have an idea, suggestion, or concern regarding ABC 2016?

A: Please submit your suggestion on our Contact Us page.  Thank you!

Q: Where can I learn more about HBS?

A: Please visit the HBS website.

Q: I am a prospective HBS student.  How can I learn more about admissions?

A: Please visit the HBS admissions website.  Also, consider joining the prospective students events during the conference.